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Subsidence threatens structural integrity, demanding expert subsidence solution providers. Our services ensure safety and durability. Contact us for tailored solutions.

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Understanding the Causes and Effects of Subsidence

Subsidence stems from soil type, moisture shifts, and environmental changes, risking long-term property damage. Our expertise mitigates these effects, preserving your structural integrity.

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Trust in our subsidence solution providers to safeguard your development with cutting-edge, enduring repair methods.

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About Milan Groundworks and Civil Engineers

At Milan Groundworks and Civil Engineers, we pride ourselves on our rich history and significant contributions to civil engineering. Since our establishment in 2003, we have been at the forefront of providing comprehensive construction solutions, with a collective experience spanning over 42 years. Our core values are rooted in operational excellence, a commitment to safety and quality, and a client-focused approach that ensures the success and satisfaction of our diverse client base.

  • Established in 2003, over 42 years’ experience
  • Committed to safety, quality, excellence
  • Client-focused, diverse sector service
  • Advanced technology, skilled professionals
  • Industry-leading, trusted provider

Trusted Company

We’ve built an exceptional reputation for reliability and quality.


Our team’s extensive experience ensures superior service delivery.

Skilled Professionals

We employ industry-leading experts to manage your project.

Work Guaranteed

Our solutions come with a guarantee of quality and durability.

Accreditations and Experience That Matter

With 25 years of experience, CHAS, and Construction Line credentials, we deliver unmatched subsidence solutions.

Identifying Signs of Subsidence: A Critical Step

recognising early signs of subsidence is crucial for property developers and construction companies. Timely identification can prevent extensive damage and save on costly long-term repairs. As experts in the field, we at Milan Groundworks and Civil Engineers guide you through spotting these early warnings:

  • Diagonal cracks in walls indicate potential subsidence.
  • Doors and windows sticking are common early signs.
  • Visible changes in level on floors suggest movement.

Our Key Subsidence Solution Services at a Glance

At Milan Groundworks and Civil Engineers, we offer comprehensive subsidence solutions tailored to your unique needs.

Underpinning & Foundations

Our underpinning services stabilise your property, using methods like traditional, beam and base, and the innovative Geobear technique.

Concrete Works

We provide concrete reinforcement and slab repair to address subsidence-related structural issues, ensuring long-term stability.

Structural Works

Our structural works include the restoration of integrity to buildings affected by subsidence, using proven repair strategies.

Construction Site Preparation

We prepare construction sites with ground stabilisation and pre-emptive measures to prevent future subsidence.

Construction & Building

Our construction services ensure new builds are subsidence-resistant, incorporating deep foundations and robust materials.

Utility & Infrastructure

We safeguard utilities and infrastructure against subsidence with meticulous planning and specialised interventions.

Clients That Trust Us

Renowned clients like Best Western Hotel, NHS, Miller & Carter, Said Construction, and Pets Corner rely on our subsidence expertise.

Our Subsidence Solution Process


Initial Consultation and Assessment

We begin with a thorough site evaluation to understand your subsidence issues.


customised Solution Planning

Our experts design a tailored plan, ensuring the most effective repair strategy for your property.


Precision Execution of Repairs

We meticulously carry out the repair work, adhering to the highest quality standards.


Final Inspection and Follow-Up

Post-repair, we conduct a detailed inspection and provide long-term monitoring recommendations.

Tailored Subsidence Solutions for Lasting Stability

Our comprehensive subsidence solutions are innovatively tailored to address both immediate and long-term concerns, ensuring stability for your property’s unique environmental conditions.

At Milan Groundworks and Civil Engineers, we understand that each construction project is unique. We tailor our subsidence solutions to meet your specific needs, considering factors such as soil composition, property age, and the extent of subsidence damage. Your input is invaluable, guiding our approach to ensure the solutions we provide align perfectly with your project’s requirements.

Our bespoke approach offers significant benefits, including cost-efficiency, targeted repairs, and minimised disruption to your development schedule. By adapting our methods to suit your site’s conditions, we ensure the most effective and lasting subsidence repair, safeguarding your investment and giving you peace of mind. Contact us to discuss how we can customise a subsidence solution for you.

At Milan Groundworks and Civil Engineers, our commitment to quality is non-negotiable. We adhere to stringent industry standards, ensuring every subsidence repair project meets or exceeds expectations. Our certifications from recognised authorities stand as a testament to our dedication to excellence.

Our rigorous quality control protocols are integral to our service delivery, from initial assessment to final inspection. By maintaining these high standards, we ensure long-term durability and safety for your property, ultimately providing you with peace of mind and a solid foundation for your future developments. Contact us to experience our unwavering commitment to quality in subsidence solutions.

At Milan Groundworks and Civil Engineers, your safety is our top concern. We meticulously integrate safety protocols into every subsidence repair project, ensuring both property and personnel are protected. Our team is trained to adhere to the strictest safety standards, using only the most reliable methods and materials.

Understanding the risks involved in subsidence repair, we implement stringent security measures throughout the process. From initial assessment to final repair, we ensure that every step is carried out with precision and care, prioritising the security of your property and our team. Trust us to maintain the highest level of safety and security on your project.

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Tailoring Solutions for Residential and Commercial Needs

At Milan Groundworks and Civil Engineers, we understand that residential and commercial projects have distinct requirements when it comes to subsidence repair. Our approach is meticulously adapted to address the unique challenges each type of project presents.

  • Residential projects demand sensitivity and minimal disruption.
  • Commercial repairs require scalability for larger structures.
  • Both benefit from our tailored, expert solutions.

Sectors We Work In

At Milan Groundworks and Civil Engineers, we cater to a diverse range of sectors, each with its unique subsidence challenges.


We ensure your workspace stands firm against subsidence, safeguarding your business continuity.

Public Infrastructure

Our expertise extends to public structures, where safety and compliance are paramount.


In industrial settings, we tackle subsidence to maintain operational integrity and efficiency.

Historic & Cultural

Preserving historical significance, we approach heritage sites with specialised care and precision.


For retail spaces, we minimise disruption, ensuring a stable foundation for your customer experience.

Government Projects

In hospitality, we provide swift, discreet subsidence solutions to maintain your welcoming atmosphere.


Educational institutions receive our dedicated support to create safe learning environments.


We prioritise the stringent requirements of healthcare facilities to ensure uninterrupted service.

Qualified & Insured: Your Assurance of Professionalism

At Milan Groundworks and Civil Engineers, our professionals are not only highly qualified but also comprehensively insured. This combination ensures that every subsidence repair project we undertake is backed by a guarantee of professionalism and peace of mind for you.

Our team comprises industry-certified engineers and specialists who have undergone rigorous training and continuous professional development. This ensures that the services we provide are not just compliant with the latest industry standards but also incorporate cutting-edge techniques and knowledge.

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Our Guarantee

  • Civil Engineering Insurance
  • Demolition Insurance
  • Public Liability Insurance
  • All Work Guaranteed
  • Structural Warranty
  • Professional Indemity Insurance

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Transparent Pricing for Subsidence Repair

Understanding Your Costs

At Milan Groundworks, we provide upfront, clear pricing for subsidence repair services.

Factors Affecting Repair Costs

The cost of subsidence repair can vary based on the method, property age, soil type, and accessibility. We assess these factors to give you an accurate quote.

Communicating Potential Costs

We believe in transparency. You’ll receive a detailed breakdown of potential costs before we begin, ensuring you’re fully informed and can plan accordingly.

Building Trust with Transparency

Transparent pricing is key to our client relationships. It fosters trust, ensuring you feel secure in your investment with us.

Equipment and Materials: The Foundation of Our Subsidence Solutions

High-Quality Equipment

At Milan Groundworks, we utilise state-of-the-art equipment for all subsidence repairs.

Impact on Quality and Durability

Our choice of high-grade materials ensures repairs are durable and long-lasting.
  • Advanced resin injection systems
  • Precision ground monitoring instruments
  • Robust underpinning machinery

Selecting the Right Materials

We carefully choose materials that match the soil type and property needs.
  • Tailored to soil composition
  • Compatible with existing structures
  • Designed for longevity and stability

Setting Us Apart

Our commitment to quality equipment and materials distinguishes us in subsidence repair.
  • Industry-leading repair techniques
  • Materials that exceed standards
  • Equipment for efficient execution

Our Commitment to Excellence

Using the best in class materials and equipment, we at Milan Groundworks ensure that every subsidence repair project is not just a temporary fix but a long-term solution. Our meticulous selection process for materials and the latest equipment reflects our commitment to excellence and sets us apart in the industry. We understand that the right tools and materials are crucial for the success and durability of the repair work, which is why we never compromise on quality. Trust us to provide subsidence solutions that stand the test of time.

Project Timeframes: Setting Realistic Expectations

At Milan Groundworks and Civil Engineers, we understand that managing time is as crucial as the repair work itself. We set realistic project timeframes to align with your planning and ensure satisfaction.

Determining Your Project Timeline

Our timeframes for subsidence repair are tailored to the project’s scope and complexity, ensuring a precise schedule.

Adherence to Schedules

  • Rigorous project management
  • Regular progress updates
  • Swift issue resolution

Importance of Realistic Timeframes

Setting realistic timeframes is vital for your planning and satisfaction, allowing for seamless integration with your development timelines.

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Industry-Leading Customer Services: Our Commitment to You

At Milan Groundworks and Civil Engineers, we uphold the highest customer service standards, ensuring your experience with us is second to none.

  • We actively seek and value your feedback for continuous improvement.
  • Our responsive support team is here to assist you at every step.
  • Transparent communication is integral to our customer service philosophy.

Frequently Asked Questions

We streamline your insurance claims, providing essential documentation and expert support throughout the process.

At Milan Groundworks and Civil Engineers, we understand that navigating the legal and regulatory landscape is a critical component of subsidence repair projects. Our commitment to compliance ensures that every project we undertake meets all necessary legal requirements, providing you with peace of mind and a guarantee of professionalism.

We meticulously ensure that every subsidence repair project complies with current building regulations and legal standards. Our team stays abreast of the latest legislative changes, ensuring that our work not only meets but often exceeds the required standards. This attention to legal detail is crucial for the longevity and legality of your construction and repair work.

The Role of Party Wall Agreements and Planning Permissions

Party Wall Agreements and Planning Permissions are often integral to subsidence repair projects, especially when the work involves shared boundaries or significant structural changes. We guide you through obtaining the necessary consents and ensure that all work is carried out in accordance with these legal frameworks.

  • Party Wall Agreements: We handle the necessary notifications and agreements when repairs affect adjoining properties.
  • Planning Permissions: Our team assists in securing permissions for structural work, ensuring all repairs are legally compliant.

Guiding Clients Through the Regulatory Landscape

Navigating the regulatory landscape can be daunting. We provide expert guidance every step of the way, from initial consultations to the completion of repairs. Our experience allows us to foresee potential regulatory hurdles and address them proactively, ensuring a smooth process for you.

Adherence to legal and regulatory standards is not just a matter of compliance; it’s about ensuring the safety, durability, and legal integrity of your property. By choosing Milan Groundworks, you’re selecting a partner that values these standards as much as you do.

  • Safety: Compliance ensures the safety of both the property and its occupants.
  • Durability: Legal standards guide the use of materials and methods that provide lasting repairs.
  • Legal Integrity: Adherence protects you from future legal disputes and potential liabilities.

At Milan Groundworks and Civil Engineers, we take pride in our ability to navigate the complexities of legal and regulatory compliance in subsidence repair. Our expertise provides a clear path through the maze of regulations, delivering solutions that are not only effective but also fully compliant. Contact us to discuss how we can assist with your subsidence repair needs while ensuring full adherence to all legal and regulatory requirements.

At Milan Groundworks and Civil Engineers, we understand that prevention is just as important as the cure. That’s why we emphasise proactive strategies to mitigate the risk of subsidence for your property. By investing in preventative measures, you can secure the long-term health and stability of your property, avoiding the need for more extensive repairs in the future.

Early Intervention and Maintenance

Early intervention is key to preventing subsidence. We recommend regular property assessments to identify any potential issues before they escalate. Maintenance plays a crucial role in this, as it allows for the early detection and rectification of minor problems that could lead to subsidence if left unaddressed.

  • Regular inspections to spot early signs of subsidence
  • Maintenance of drainage systems to prevent water-related soil erosion
  • Monitoring of property for any changes that could indicate subsidence

Tree Management and Soil Analysis

Tree roots can have a significant impact on soil moisture levels, which in turn can affect the stability of the ground beneath your property. Our tree management services help to control this risk by ensuring that trees are planted at a safe distance from your property and that any existing trees are managed appropriately.

Soil analysis is another critical component of our preventative strategy. By understanding the composition and behaviour of the soil around your property, we can take steps to stabilise it and reduce the likelihood of subsidence.

  • Strategic tree planting and management to control soil moisture
  • Comprehensive soil analysis to inform preventative measures
  • Soil stabilisation techniques to fortify the ground

The Benefits of Investing in Preventative Measures

Investing in preventative measures for subsidence is not only beneficial for the immediate safety and integrity of your property but also for its value and desirability in the long term. By taking proactive steps now, you can avoid the stress and cost of dealing with significant subsidence damage in the future.

  • Preserves the structural integrity of your property
  • Enhances the long-term value and marketability of your property
  • Provides peace of mind knowing that your property is protected

At Milan Groundworks and Civil Engineers, we are dedicated to providing you with comprehensive solutions that address not only the present issues but also help you safeguard against future problems. Contact us to learn more about how our proactive measures can help prevent subsidence and maintain the health of your property.

At Milan Groundworks and Civil Engineers, we are committed to staying at the forefront of innovation in subsidence repair. Our platform utilises advanced techniques, such as the Geobear method, to offer you non-invasive and efficient solutions for subsidence issues.

Advantages Over Traditional Methods

The Geobear method, a technique we often employ, involves injecting a unique geo-polymer material beneath the affected structure. This material expands and solidifies, stabilising the soil without the need for extensive excavation. Compared to traditional underpinning, this method is faster, less disruptive, and often more cost-effective.

  • Speed: Repairs are completed in a fraction of the time required for traditional methods.
  • Minimal Disruption: The work is carried out with little to no disturbance to your property or daily activities.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Reduces the overall cost of repair due to the efficiency of the process.

Benefits of Non-Invasive Subsidence Repair Methods

Non-invasive techniques like the Geobear method offer several benefits:

  • Environmental Impact: These methods are less damaging to the surrounding landscape and ecosystem.
  • Property Integrity: They preserve the integrity of your property by minimising the physical impact on the structure.
  • Quick Turnaround: Rapid stabilisation allows you to return to normalcy sooner.

Staying Ahead with Innovation

Innovation is key in the field of subsidence repair. By adopting the latest technologies and methods, we ensure that our services are not just effective but also align with the evolving needs of the industry. This commitment to innovation means that when you choose Milan Groundworks, you’re choosing a partner who is equipped with the knowledge and tools to provide the best possible outcome for your subsidence repair needs.

At Milan Groundworks and Civil Engineers, we recognise that clay soil presents unique challenges due to its propensity to shrink and swell with moisture changes. Our approach to addressing subsidence in clay soil involves a combination of specialised solutions, expert analysis, and a deep understanding of regional soil behaviour.

specialised Solutions for Clay Soil

We offer a range of targeted solutions to combat clay soil subsidence:

  • Underpinning: Strengthening and stabilising existing foundations to counteract soil movement.
  • Soil stabilisation: utilising techniques like the injection of geo-polymer resins to solidify and compact the soil beneath your property.
  • Drainage Management: Improving drainage systems to control moisture levels around your property, preventing excessive soil expansion or contraction.

Informed by Soil Analysis

Our approach is always informed by a thorough soil analysis:

  • Soil Testing: We conduct detailed soil composition and moisture content tests to understand the specific characteristics of the clay beneath your property.
  • customised Repair Strategies: Based on the analysis, we develop a tailored repair strategy that addresses the unique needs of your property and the soil it rests on.

Expertise in Clay Soil Regions

Expertise in clay soil subsidence is particularly critical in regions like South East England, where clay soil is prevalent:

  • Regional Knowledge: Our extensive experience in these areas equips us with the knowledge to anticipate and effectively manage the common issues associated with clay soil.
  • Long-Term Solutions: We focus on providing solutions that will offer long-term stability for your property, even in the face of the challenging conditions posed by clay soil.

Understanding the behaviour of clay soil and its impact on subsidence is essential for effective repair and prevention. At Milan Groundworks, we combine our specialised solutions with a strategic approach informed by soil analysis to address the challenges of clay soil subsidence. If you’re dealing with subsidence issues related to clay soil, contact us to discuss how our expertise can provide a solid foundation for your property.

Ensuring the structural integrity of your property post-subsidence repair is a cornerstone of our service at Milan Groundworks and Civil Engineers. We understand that the work we do is not just about fixing the present issue but also about safeguarding the future of your property. That’s why we employ a rigorous process to guarantee that the repairs we conduct are not only effective immediately but also enduring.

After any subsidence repair, our primary concern is to restore and ensure the structural integrity of your property. We achieve this through a combination of advanced engineering techniques, high-quality materials, and meticulous workmanship. Our team of experienced engineers and technicians are trained to address the unique challenges presented by each property, applying solutions that are tailored to your specific situation.

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