Stormwater Management Installation Services

Effective stormwater management installation services are essential for environmental protection, regulatory compliance, and urban sustainability. They play a critical role in flood prevention and align with the goals of construction companies and property developers. Contact us to learn more.

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Understanding the Scope of Stormwater Installation Services

At Milan Groundworks, we ensure your stormwater management system is comprehensive, integrating sustainable drainage and the latest technologies with existing infrastructure for optimal urban resilience.

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With our specialised expertise, Milan Groundworks ensures your stormwater management installation services are executed with the highest safety and quality standards.

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About Milan Groundworks and Civil Engineers

At Milan Groundworks, our storied history in civil engineering is the bedrock of our stormwater management services. With over four decades of collective experience, we’ve honed our expertise to offer you unparalleled solutions in stormwater management. Our approach is deeply rooted in collaboration with public works and a steadfast commitment to environmental stewardship. We understand the importance of maintaining strong industry presence and nurturing client relationships, which is why we prioritise your needs and work diligently to exceed your expectations.

  • Over 42 years of industry experience
  • Leader in Southeast UK civil engineering
  • Committed to environmental stewardship
  • Strong public works collaboration
  • prioritise client relationships

Trusted Company

We’re a trusted name in the industry, dedicated to delivering excellence in every project.


Our extensive experience translates into superior stormwater management for you.

Skilled Professionals

Our team’s expertise ensures innovative, tailored solutions for your needs.

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We guarantee our work, ensuring satisfaction and peace of mind for you.

Accreditations & Experience

With 25 years of experience, CHAS, and CONSTRUCTION LINE credentials, our expertise delivers unmatched stormwater management services. Contact us to leverage our profound industry knowledge.

Addressing Your Stormwater Management Concerns

At Milan Groundworks, we approach stormwater pollution prevention with a multi-faceted strategy, utilising advanced treatment technologies and sustainable practices. Our solutions for stormwater runoff control are designed to enhance water quality and comply with environmental regulations. We understand that each project is unique, which is why we tailor our stormwater management plans to meet your specific needs, ensuring that every aspect of your project is addressed with precision and care.

  • Advanced pollution prevention
  • Tailored runoff control solutions
  • Seamless regulatory navigation

Our Key Stormwater Management Installation Services at a Glance

At Milan Groundworks, we offer a spectrum of stormwater management services tailored to your project’s needs.

Underpinning & Foundations

Our stormwater attenuation tanks are designed for robust underpinning, ensuring foundational stability and effective flood risk mitigation.

Concrete Works

We specialise in creating sustainable rain gardens and ponds, utilising concrete works that blend functionality with aesthetic appeal.

Structural Works

Incorporating advanced treatment technologies, our structural works are at the forefront of sustainable stormwater management solutions.

Construction Site Preparation

Our preparation services include integrating stormwater systems seamlessly with your site’s existing water infrastructure.

Construction & Building

We ensure every construction project benefits from customised stormwater management, enhancing urban sustainability and resilience.

Utility & Infrastructure

Our expertise extends to utility and infrastructure, ensuring comprehensive stormwater solutions from inception to completion.

Clients That Trust Milan Groundworks

Our client-focused approach has earned trust from Best Western, NHS, Miller & Carter, Said Construction, and Pets Corner, leading to successful projects and repeat partnerships.

Our Stormwater Management Installation Services Process


Initial Consultation and Assessment

We begin with a thorough site evaluation to understand your specific stormwater challenges and objectives.


Customised Design and Planning

Our experts craft tailored stormwater solutions, ensuring seamless integration with your existing infrastructure.


Strategic Construction and Integration

We employ cutting-edge techniques for efficient system installation, minimising disruption to your operations.


Timely Completion and Review

Our team adheres to strict timelines, with quality checks to ensure project success and your satisfaction.

Tailored Stormwater Management Solutions

We provide scalable stormwater solutions, utilising innovative infiltration techniques and Hydro International’s advanced technologies to meet your project’s unique requirements.

At Milan Groundworks, our commitment to you extends beyond the installation of stormwater management systems. We offer a robust maintenance service to ensure the longevity and efficiency of your stormwater infrastructure. Regular upkeep and the latest updates in stormwater solutions are part of our pledge to maintain the high performance of your installations.

Our technical support team is always on standby, providing ongoing assistance to guarantee that your stormwater management installation services remain compliant with current regulations and standards. We understand the importance of system reliability and work tirelessly to ensure that your stormwater solutions continue to protect your property and the environment.

At Milan Groundworks, we recognise that every project is unique. We meticulously tailor our stormwater management plans to align with your specific requirements, considering the distinctive topographical and soil conditions of your site. Our design process is dynamic, ensuring that the selected materials and system configurations are ideally suited to your project’s environment and objectives.

Your feedback is integral to our customization process. We listen closely to understand your concerns and preferences, which guides our approach to system design and material selection. This collaborative method allows us to adapt our solutions to meet your expectations, ensuring that the final stormwater management system is a perfect fit for your development.

At Milan Groundworks, we’re committed to setting the benchmark for quality in stormwater management installations. Our adherence to stringent industry standards and regulatory requirements ensures that every project we undertake not only meets but exceeds expectations.

Our quality control measures are rigorous and comprehensive, encompassing every stage of the installation process. From initial design to final inspection, we implement a series of checks and balances to ensure that every aspect of our work is flawless. Our dedication to operational excellence is evident in the meticulous attention to detail and the unwavering commitment to delivering superior results for you.

At Milan Groundworks, we place your safety and the environment at the forefront of our stormwater management installation services. Our adherence to health and environmental standards is unwavering, as we employ rigorous safety protocols throughout the installation and maintenance of your stormwater systems.

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Residential & Commercial: customised Stormwater Solutions

At Milan Groundworks, we tailor our stormwater management installation services to suit both residential and commercial needs, ensuring scalability and versatility.

  • Residential solutions for diverse home layouts
  • Commercial systems for large-scale infrastructure
  • Success across sectors with proven results

Sectors We Work In

At Milan Groundworks, we serve a diverse range of sectors with our stormwater management installation services, ensuring sector-specific challenges are expertly addressed.


For office complexes, we design stormwater systems that minimise disruption and maintain aesthetics.

Public Infrastructure

Our solutions for public buildings prioritise safety and public health, aligning with regulatory standards.


In the industrial sector, we tackle heavy runoff and pollutant filtration with robust systems.

Historic & Cultural

Heritage sites receive our sensitive approach to preserving integrity while managing stormwater.


Retail spaces benefit from our discreet yet effective stormwater management installations.

Government Projects

We ensure that hospitality venues maintain their allure with unobtrusive stormwater solutions.


Educational institutions receive tailored stormwater management that safeguards both property and students.


For healthcare facilities, we prioritise hygienic, non-disruptive stormwater management systems.

Qualified & Insured: Your Assurance of Professionalism

Our team at Milan Groundworks holds esteemed qualifications in stormwater management, ensuring that your project is in expert hands.

Our comprehensive insurance coverage provides you with peace of mind, knowing that your project is protected at every stage. We invest in continuous training and development for our staff, maintaining the highest standards in stormwater management services. Our professional indemnity is a testament to our unwavering commitment to client satisfaction, reflecting our dedication to delivering excellence in every aspect of our work.

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  • Demolition Insurance
  • Public Liability Insurance
  • All Work Guaranteed
  • Structural Warranty
  • Professional Indemity Insurance

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Ensuring Transparency

At Milan Groundworks, we believe in clear pricing. You’ll understand every cost associated with your stormwater management project.

Factors Influencing Costs

The cost of installing and maintaining stormwater systems is influenced by the project’s scale, complexity, and the technologies used. We provide detailed breakdowns, ensuring you’re informed about where every penny goes.

Competitive Pricing Strategy

We balance competitive pricing with uncompromised quality by optimising our processes and leveraging our extensive industry experience. Our partnerships with suppliers ensure cost-effective sourcing of high-quality materials.

Equipment and Materials: Our Commitment to Quality

Selecting the Best for Durability and Sustainability:

At Milan Groundworks, we select equipment and materials that ensure the longevity and sustainability of your stormwater management systems.

Partnering with Industry Leaders

Our partnerships, like the one with JFC, provide a diverse range of high-quality products, reflecting our commitment to environmental stewardship.
  • High-quality, durable equipment
  • Sustainable, eco-friendly materials
  • Partnerships with industry leaders
  • Diverse product range available
  • Commitment to environmental stewardship
  • Reflecting our green infrastructure ethos
  • Ensuring long-term system resilience
  • Adherence to strict quality standards
  • utilising advanced stormwater technologies
  • Tailored to your project's specifications

Reflecting Our Environmental Stewardship

Our choice of equipment and materials is a testament to our dedication to sustainability, ensuring that your stormwater management solutions are environmentally responsible.

Project Timeframes: Efficient and Reliable Scheduling

At Milan Groundworks, we understand that time is of the essence in your construction and development projects. Our typical project timeframes for stormwater management installations are designed to align with your schedule, ensuring timely completion without compromising on quality or safety.

Consistent Deadline Management

We employ advanced project management tools and methodologies to ensure deadlines are consistently met, keeping your project on track.

Contingency Planning

  • Proactive risk assessment
  • Adaptive strategies in place
  • Swift response to challenges

Versatility in Scheduling

Our ability to handle diverse project sizes allows us to offer flexible scheduling, adapting to your specific timeline requirements.

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Industry-Leading Customer Services: Our Pledge to You

At Milan Groundworks, we pride ourselves on customer service that sets industry benchmarks. We’re dedicated to ensuring your satisfaction through every step of our collaboration.

  • personalised attention to every inquiry
  • Swift, effective resolution of concerns
  • Continuous improvement through feedback

Frequently Asked Questions

Milan Groundworks expertly navigates stormwater regulations, ensuring compliance and supporting your permit applications seamlessly.

At Milan Groundworks, we recognise the critical importance of sustainability in stormwater management. Our approach is to integrate eco-friendly practices and green infrastructure options that not only address immediate water management needs but also contribute to the long-term health of our urban water cycles and the resilience of our communities against climate change.

Incorporating Green Infrastructure

We offer a range of green infrastructure options for environmentally conscious clients, including:

  • Rain Gardens: These natural philtres use vegetation to absorb pollutants from runoff, enhancing groundwater recharge.
  • Permeable Paving: This allows water to percolate through the surface, reducing runoff and promoting natural water cycles.
  • Green Roofs: These living roofs absorb rainwater, provide insulation, and combat the urban heat island effect.

Contributing to Urban Sustainability

Our sustainable stormwater solutions are designed to seamlessly integrate with the urban environment, providing multiple ecological and economic benefits:

  • Enhanced Biodiversity: Our installations support local flora and fauna, increasing urban biodiversity.
  • Improved Air Quality: Green infrastructure contributes to cleaner air, benefiting public health.
  • Climate Resilience: Sustainable systems help cities adapt to extreme weather events linked to climate change.

Long-Term Environmental Benefits

The long-term environmental benefits of choosing Milan Groundworks for your stormwater management needs include:

  • Reduced Erosion: Our systems help to prevent soil erosion, preserving land integrity.
  • Water Quality Maintenance: We prioritise the removal of pollutants to ensure clean waterways.
  • Sustainable Resource Management: Our solutions promote the responsible use of water as a vital resource.

By choosing Milan Groundworks, you’re not just addressing your immediate stormwater management needs; you’re investing in a solution that will pay environmental dividends for generations to come. We are committed to helping you build a greener future with every project we undertake.

At Milan Groundworks, we are committed to staying at the forefront of stormwater management by incorporating advanced treatment technologies into our services. Our approach is not only about meeting today’s needs but also anticipating future challenges and opportunities in stormwater management.

Embracing Innovation for Efficiency

We utilise cutting-edge technologies such as Hydro International’s advanced stormwater treatment solutions and JFC’s diverse product range to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of our stormwater systems. These technologies include:

  • Hydrodynamic Separators: To remove sediments and pollutants from stormwater runoff efficiently.
  • Infiltration Systems: Designed for optimal groundwater recharge and reduction of surface runoff.
  • Hydro-Brake Flow Controls: For precise management of stormwater discharge rates, minimising flood risks.

Keeping Pace with Industry Developments

Staying updated with the latest innovations is a cornerstone of our business strategy. We achieve this through:

  • Continuous Learning: Our team regularly participates in industry conferences and workshops.
  • Research Partnerships: Collaborating with academic institutions and industry leaders on R&D projects.
  • Vendor Relationships: Working closely with suppliers to stay informed about new products and technologies.

Research and Development as a Pillar

Research and development play a pivotal role in our service offerings. We invest in R&D to:

  • Develop Custom Solutions: Tailoring systems to meet the unique challenges of each project.
  • Test New Materials: Ensuring the materials we use are sustainable and offer long-term performance.
  • Innovate: Continuously improving our processes and services to provide you with state-of-the-art solutions.

Enhancing System Performance

Advanced technologies are integral to the performance of stormwater systems. They enable us to:

  • Reduce Maintenance: By using self-cleaning and low-maintenance systems.
  • Increase Longevity: Through the use of durable materials and smart design.
  • Improve Sustainability: By incorporating systems that support the natural water cycle and reduce environmental impact.

By choosing Milan Groundworks, you’re partnering with a company that is dedicated to providing you with the most advanced and effective stormwater management solutions available. Our commitment to innovation ensures that your stormwater systems are not only effective today but are also adaptable to the evolving demands of the future.

At Milan Groundworks, we understand that each site presents its own set of challenges and opportunities when it comes to stormwater management. Our approach to designing and planning customised stormwater systems is both meticulous and adaptive, ensuring that we meet your unique needs with precision and care.

Tailored Design Process

Our design process begins with a comprehensive assessment of your site’s specific conditions. We consider various factors, including topography, soil type, the existing infrastructure, and the anticipated volume of stormwater runoff. This allows us to create a stormwater management plan that is not only effective but also seamlessly integrated with your site’s characteristics.

optimising for Site Conditions

To ensure that our system designs are optimised for your site, we employ a range of advanced modelling tools and techniques. These tools enable us to simulate different stormwater scenarios and adjust our designs accordingly, ensuring the highest level of performance and reliability.

The Role of Consultant Engineers

Our consultant engineers play a crucial role in the assessment and analysis of stormwater projects. They bring a wealth of expertise and experience to the table, providing valuable insights that inform our design decisions. Their involvement is integral to our process, from the initial planning stages through to the final implementation of the stormwater management system.

Consideration of Environmental Impact

We are deeply committed to reducing the environmental impact of our stormwater systems. This commitment is reflected in our choice of materials, our construction methods, and our dedication to sustainable practices. By working with Milan Groundworks, you’re choosing a partner that values the health of our planet as much as you do.

Adapting to Regulatory Requirements

Navigating the complex web of regulatory requirements is a challenge we are well-equipped to handle. We stay abreast of the latest regulations and ensure that our designs not only comply with current standards but are also adaptable to future changes.

Collaboration with Clients

Your input is vital to our design process. We work closely with you to ensure that your vision and requirements are fully realised in the final stormwater management plan. Our collaborative approach ensures that the solutions we provide are not only technically sound but also aligned with your goals and expectations.

By choosing Milan Groundworks for your stormwater management needs, you’re partnering with a team that is dedicated to delivering customised, effective, and sustainable solutions. Our comprehensive design and planning process is a testament to our commitment to excellence and to providing you with a stormwater system that meets the unique demands of your project.

At Milan Groundworks, we are deeply committed to protecting our natural water resources. Our stormwater solutions are meticulously designed to maintain water quality, ensuring that the systems we instal not only manage stormwater effectively but also contribute to the health of the environment.

Maintaining Water Quality

We understand the importance of clean water and the role it plays in public health and the ecosystem. Our stormwater management systems are engineered to address water quality maintenance at every level. By incorporating advanced filtration processes, we effectively remove pollutants and prevent contaminants from entering watercourses.

Advanced Filtration for Pollutant Removal

Our approach to pollutant filtration includes the use of:

  • Sedimentation tanks that allow heavy particles to settle out of stormwater.
  • Biofiltration systems that use natural processes to remove contaminants.
  • Oil-water separators designed to extract hydrocarbons from runoff.

Heavy Metals Removal

Heavy metals pose a significant threat to water quality. We employ specialised systems to target and remove these toxic elements, including:

  • Ion exchange philtres that capture and neutralise heavy metals.
  • Phytoremediation, using plants known for their ability to absorb specific metals.

Alignment with European Water Framework Directive

Our work is in strict compliance with the goals of the European Water Framework Directive. We strive to achieve good qualitative and quantitative status of all water bodies. Our systems are designed to meet the directive’s standards, ensuring that our projects contribute to the sustainable use of water resources.

Employing Compliance Technologies

To ensure compliance with water quality standards, we utilise technologies such as:

  • Automated monitoring systems that provide real-time data on water quality.
  • Smart controls that adjust filtration processes based on the detected level of contaminants.

By choosing Milan Groundworks for your stormwater management needs, you’re selecting a partner who prioritises the protection of water resources. We are dedicated to implementing solutions that not only manage stormwater but also enhance the quality of water, ensuring a safe and sustainable environment for all.

At Milan Groundworks, we understand the devastating impact that flooding can have on communities and infrastructure. Our comprehensive stormwater management services are designed to mitigate flood risks, ensuring that your projects are safeguarded against extreme weather events. We employ a strategic combination of advanced engineering and ecological techniques to manage heavy rainfall and reduce the potential for downstream flooding.

Strategies for Heavy Rain Management

Our strategies for managing heavy rainfall include:

  • Stormwater Attenuation Tanks: These tanks temporarily hold stormwater and release it slowly to prevent overwhelming drainage systems and watercourses.
  • Rain Gardens: These not only add aesthetic value but also function as natural absorption areas, reducing surface runoff and promoting groundwater recharge.

Downstream Flooding Reduction

To reduce the risk of downstream flooding, we:

  • Design Custom Drainage Systems: Tailored to the specific topography of your site to efficiently channel and manage stormwater.
  • Implement Sustainable Drainage Solutions (SuDS): These solutions mimic natural drainage processes and manage runoff close to where it falls.

Flood Prevention with Attenuation Tanks and Rain Gardens

Our stormwater attenuation tanks and rain gardens play a crucial role in flood prevention by:

  • Controlling Release Rates: Attenuation tanks are equipped with flow control devices to regulate the rate at which water is released into the drainage system.
  • Enhancing Infiltration: Rain gardens use vegetation and soil to absorb rainwater, reducing the volume of runoff entering the sewer system.

Floodplain Management in Stormwater Solutions

Floodplain management is integral to our stormwater solutions. We:

  • Conduct Flood Risk Assessments: To understand and plan for the potential impact of flooding on your development.
  • Collaborate with Regulatory Bodies: To ensure our designs meet all local and national flood management regulations.

By choosing Milan Groundworks, you’re partnering with a team that prioritises your safety and the integrity of your projects. Our expertise in flood risk mitigation is just one aspect of our commitment to providing you with a comprehensive stormwater management service that meets the highest standards of excellence and reliability.

At Milan Groundworks, we recognise that effective stormwater management is a critical component of public health and safety. Our work directly impacts communities by reducing the risk of flooding, which can lead to waterborne diseases and property damage. By implementing advanced stormwater systems, we not only manage runoff but also improve the overall quality of the water entering our rivers and streams, contributing to a healthier environment.

Collaborating for Safer Communities

We collaborate closely with public works and regulatory bodies to ensure that our stormwater solutions meet the highest safety standards. This partnership allows us to design systems that are robust and reliable, providing peace of mind for the communities we serve.

  • Working with local authorities to align with urban planning
  • Ensuring compliance with environmental and safety regulations
  • Engaging in dialogue with community stakeholders

Preventing Pollution for Public Well-being

Pollution prevention is at the heart of our stormwater management services. By filtering out contaminants and reducing the amount of untreated runoff entering natural water bodies, we play a vital role in protecting the well-being of communities.

  • utilising sedimentation basins for trapping pollutants
  • Implementing biofiltration systems for natural cleansing
  • Designing oil-water separators to prevent chemical contamination

Integrating Health Considerations in Stormwater Solutions

Our stormwater solutions are designed with public health considerations in mind. We understand that clean water is essential for healthy communities, and our systems are engineered to support this.

  • Ensuring that recreational waters are safe for community use
  • Protecting drinking water sources from contamination
  • Creating green spaces that promote physical activity and mental well-being

By choosing Milan Groundworks for your stormwater management needs, you’re not just investing in infrastructure; you’re investing in the health and safety of your community. Our commitment to excellence ensures that we deliver stormwater solutions that stand the test of time and contribute to the well-being of everyone.

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